Chlorella Testimonials

Our customers mean the world to us. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing what we love best: Helping more people enjoy healthy holistic lives with the help of Sun Chlorella.

The women and men who have taken the time to write to us have a sound belief in the benefits of chlorella and/or eleuthero. They’ve experienced the immense benefits firsthand and are helping us spread the word about nature’s perfect superfood. We are honored to be part of their life choices as they embark on a journey of health and happiness.

Sun Chlorella products have the power to change your life, health and mind for the better. Read these chlorella testimonials to see what Sun Chlorella can do for you today.

Sun Chlorella

I. McCabe"I feel and look younger. My energy level, my mental alertness, endurance, digestion - I can't say enough good things about this product. My body was so depleted in nutrition, enzymes, proteins, hormones. No wonder I wasn't feeling good. My outlook on life is so much better. Thanks to Sun Chlorella. I feel alive again - like 20 years ago!"

- I. McCabe, MT

Sun Chlorella and Rejuv-A-Wafers

K. Garner

"I have been taking Sun Chlorella for almost 2 years and it has made a significant difference in my health and beauty. I work with kids in the public schools and was struggling with stress. They still cough and sneeze at me but I'm not affected. Stress is noticeably less problematic, too. I have worn foundation make up daily for 15 years and don’t have to wear it anymore because my skin tone has evened out. I'm amazed! My 3-year old cat loves the Pet Sun Chlorella. His coat is much nicer and bowel health is excellent. Thank you Sun Chlorella!"

- K. Garner, HI

Sun Chlorella, Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, and Sun Chlorella Cream

S. Gordon

"Presently I am receiving an automatic monthly shipment of 600 tablets and Wakasa Gold and every other month Sun Chlorella Cream.Truly, I am asked on a regular basis; "What do you use on your skin?" At 60 I accept all the compliments I get. About 3 months ago I started using Sun Chlorella Cream not actually expecting to see results- but to my delight and surprise I began noticing changes in my skin- tighter, smoother, brighter. The visible signs of dark circles around my eyes and lines have decreased. There is no telling all the good things that are going on internally since there is no way to see these kinds of results. Please feel free to use my testimonial and picture. Thank you so much for making these incredible products available in the USA."

- S. Gordon, MA

Sun Chlorella

P. Kane"I'm 40 years old. I started taking chlorella at the request of my naturopathic doctor, Ellen Jensen. I'm a runner and my doctors couldn't believe I was running 40 miles a week. I've also noticed quicker recovery after my speed workouts and marathons. This is the year my family has not been sick through the winter months. My complexion looks great; I have way more energy. My friends have started taking it because they can physically see what it's done for me. If it's doing all this on the outside; just think what good it's doing on the inside!"

- P. Kane, CA

Sun Chlorella

I. Hribar"My immune system was weak; taking Sun Chlorella has given my system a boost, waking up all my energy. There also is a glow in my face which never appeared before. I have been taking Sun Chlorella for at least one year and feel great. Without it my body was very limp and tired. I firmly believe in Sun Chlorella and would not stop taking it, as you get older your body is wilting away so you try to prevent old age syndrome from creeping in. Sun Chlorella makes it possible. Thank you for reading my story."

- I. Hribar, Canada

Sun Chlorella

F. Zarkoobmanesh"My homeopathic doctor recommended Sun Chlorella and also to my daughter and her father (my ex-husband). I was tired and had low energy. Sun Chlorella definitely gave me more energy and kept my digestion on track."

- F. Zarkoobmanesh, CA

Sun Chlorella

T. McConnell"I have been taking Sun Chlorella for over 3 years now, and since then I have been in excellent health. I have been interested in 'fitness' all my life, but until a mineral depletion landed me in the hospital did I really come to focus on nutrition and nutracueticals. The biggest benefits I notice, as well as my wife, is the stronger immune systems. We also appreciate the cell renewal process of the high chlorophyll content. My younger brothers and my peers have graying hair, and far more wrinkling of the facial skin. My skin has a youthful look. One of the benefits also is the internal cleansing properties of this food. We don't have constipation, our bowels move commensurately with the number of meals we ingest daily. Chlorella, I know, detoxifies and chelates toxins out of the colon and bloodstream; it helps me to maintain my weight at the same level it's been for over 10 years now. When I run out of chlorella, My energy levels diminish, so I keep bumping up the frequency of our direct ship program so that we don't ever run out! I believe strongly in the power of whole foods to strengthen, energize, and cleanse the body, and Chlorella is one of the most potent of those whole foods. Thank you, Sun Chlorella, for your consistent commitment to quality growth, production, and distribution of such a wonderful product. We supplement with other high-quality plant foods as well, but Sun Chlorella is one product we won't ever go without, as long as we can acquire it!"

- T. McConnell, MI

Sun Chlorella

S. McMillan"I have been using Sun Chlorella for nearly four years. I am enjoying my life. I was suffering from poor digestion. I am satisfied; those little green tablets have helped me. I found them by reading a paper I bought. I thank you. My health is good. I take 15 tablets a day."

- S. McMillan, NC

Sun Chlorella

P. Watson"Well worth the Money…I have used this product for many years now. At one point money was tighter than usual and I put myself on a budget eliminating Sun Chlorella. In the next few weeks, without the Chlorella I noticed a lack of energy and by the end of the month I got real sick. Once I was back on my feet, I re-ordered and returned to my high energy level and vigorous health. Thank you! Health comes before all and Sun Chlorella means health to me!"

- P. Watson, GA

Sun Chlorella and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus

P. Cocchi"Taking Sun Chlorella and Wakasa Gold has made me feel and look younger than my 60+ years. As a performer and teacher of belly dance for the last 34 years, I have to look healthy and energetic. My ability to think, be on the move and look forward to every day is thanks to Sun Chlorella. It keeps you happy and feeling young at any age."

- P. Cocchi, FL

Sun Chlorella

O. Thompson"Since I've been taking my chlorella, I have noticed a definite improvement in my sleeping. I was once unable to sleep, to stay awake, to avoid stumbling and tripping or falling. But all symptoms have diminished greatly and I feel much better; more alive. Thank you and God bless you."

- O. Thompson, GA

Sun Chlorella

J. Ingram"I read about Sun Chlorella "A" and decided it was worth a try. After 2 months of taking Sun Chlorella (15 tablets a day), I knew that I never wanted to be without this wonderful product!! I am having daily normal bowel movements. My urine is a normal color instead of brown. I actually have energy and have been able to do work around the house. THANK YOU SO MUCH."

- J. Ingram, OR

Sun Chlorella
B. Shockey"I have been taking Sun Chlorella for 3 years. I have a lot better digestion and bowel health. It has helped my stiff joints and people say I do not look my age and have pretty skin. Thank you so much."

- B. Shockey, OH

Sun Chlorella and Sun Chlorella Cream
S. Montalban"I’m a legal secretary and had received your brochures one day at work I read up on it and decided to try Sun Chlorella. I started taking Chlorella sometime in May or June 2006. I believe that Sun Chlorella gave me the energy I needed to make it through moving and I’ve been taking it since. I’ve been taking 6 of the big tablets during lunch each day. Last month, I had significant seasonal challenges. One day, I decided to take more chlorella (6). I started to feel better. I could breathe more clearly. I was so happy. So now when I feel it coming, I just pop more Chlorella. It works. I’ve also been using the Sun Chlorella Cream. Since it’s warmer at my new location, my face tends to turn red when I’m outside or when I’m driving. The cream helps my face feel better at the end of the day when I’m home from work – I’m happy about that. I thank God that I came across the Sun Chlorella product. It also helps that I dance and I exercise regularly. I try to eat right and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. I don’t smoke cigarettes and I don’t drink alcohol, coffee, or sodas. By the way, I’m 52 years old and I don’t look my age. You asked about the benefits of Chlorella since I’ve been taking them for the past two years: Yes, more energy, better digestion, increased endurance, strong immune system, and so much more… as my story will tell you…Thank You Sun Chlorella."

- S. Montalban, CA

Sun Chlorella
A. Dostal"When I received information about your products through the mail and saw the address "3305 Kashiwa Street" and read that Sun Chlorella was essentially Japanese, I immediately called for more information. Having spent 10 days in Kashiwa, Japan a few years ago, I still have extremely fond memories of the place and the people. The representative was extremely helpful and informative - there was no doubt I would give it a try! I found that the "little green tablets" were great - I had more energy and felt better, although I had no specific problems prior to taking them. I have been taking various herbs for many years. When I changed to the larger green tablets, I found that gave me even more energy and well-being. My skin became smoother, I slept better, and my busy life got busier without negative effects - overall there was just a feeling of well-being that I can't actually describe. I feel better and have more energy than I did when I was 20 years old! I could not envision beginning each day without my Sun Chlorella with breakfast! What a way to begin the day! Thank you SO much for enhancing my life!"

- A. Dostal, KY

Sun Chlorella
J. Luster"I received your mailer. I was very skeptical, but I gave it a try. I started slow with 5 tablets a day the first week, 10 tablets a day the second week, and 15 tablets a day the third week. Two days into the third week, I woke up with NO STIFFNESS. I thought I was having a good day. The next day, I woke up with NO STIFFNESS. Now I was really happy. I thought what was I doing differently? I then realized I was taking the Sun Chlorella. WOW! The Sun Chlorella has removed toxins from my body that were affecting my joints. Additional benefits were a massive increase in energy and 3 regular bowel movements a day. Your product is amazing and I thank you.I have to admit, I tried the cheaper brands and they did not work at all. You get what you pay for."

- J. Luster, CA

Sun Chlorella and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus

"I started taking Sun Chlorella and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus three months ago. I was always tired and lost interest in everything. After a couple of weeks I was a changed person. I felt good and had a lot of energy! Thank you, I am so glad I saw the advertisement in the Sunday paper."

- E. Patterson, NY

Sun Chlorella

C. Hiers"I have taken Sun Chlorella for many years and found it is beneficial. As a physician, I need a strong immune system. With Sun Chlorella to support my immune system, I feel great. I also have energy and compete in half marathons. I'm able to do more at age 55 than most 40 year olds. I am a believer in Sun Chlorella."

- C. Hiers, AR

Sun Chlorella

D. Mosley"I have used Sun Chlorella 200 mg tablets for about 2 weeks now. My digestion has already improved . . . I can't wait until the 30 to 60 days total benefit. Sun Chlorella has helped me where doctors couldn't they told me everything was stress related . . . Thank you so much for your product it has already helped me a great deal. I just recently signed up to be a Gold Member."

- D. Mosley, TX

Sun Chlorella

"At my age a lot of people and even younger can't keep up, a lot of my friends sit in chairs reading books I keep going. I love having more energy, I love having Sun Chlorella to keep my energy up."

- U. McKinney, OR

Sun Chlorella

K. Kovolyak"I have been taking Sun Chlorella 6 weeks. And I feel the best I have felt in years. I am 73 and feel as good as I did in my 50. I also went to my doctor recently and he was amazed at my blood work. Now I feel so good and lots of energy. My daughter has been taking it also she feels great."

- K. Kovolyak, MI

Sun Chlorella

"I have been taking Sun Chlorella tablets for five years. My health is good. My wife isn't well and I take care of her - 8 yrs. With Sun Chlorella as help I have the endurance to do the job. I get my exercise and then some taking care of my wife. I do some cycling and work out on a stepper machine. I take Sun Chlorella regularly and never miss a day. If it weren't for your product I couldn't exist, it's that good."

- L. Smith, IL

Sun Chlorella

"Sun Chlorella gives me lots of energy and I already lost 22 pounds. Every day I feel much better. My stomach is a lot better and my immune system is doing a good job. Keep up the good work. They are wonder magic pills, they are awesome."

- D. Tabarcia, IL

Sun Chlorella

"I've now been taking Sun Chlorella for 5 months. I have not had a cramp in my lower legs since except when I went on vacation and missed counted my pieces and I had 1 cramp since. My bowel movements seem much gentler. I am now sleeping till 6:00 am in the morning. I go to bed around 9:00 pm at night. I have not tried your skin cream yet, but I ordered some I hope it gets here soon."

- B. Trifone, CA

Sun Chlorella, Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, and Sun Chlorella Cream

R. Bethany"Since I began taking Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and Sun Chlorella, I have more energy and have a strong immune system. People tell me I look like I'm in my 30's. Also the Sun Chlorella Cream helps my skin look nice and glow. Thank you Sun Chlorella, it is a blessing from God."

- R. Bethany, TX

Sun Chlorella, Sun Eleuthero, and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus

S. Webster"I started taking Sun Chlorella about 10 yrs ago to give me more energy because I was so tired by the end of the day. I clean houses for a living. I am 51 and clean 2 to 3 homes a day and then come home, do laundry and cook dinner and take care of my 3 year old granddaughter who lives with me. I start my day with 15 Sun Chlorella tablets and 5-6 Sun Eleuthero and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus. I take 15 Sun Chlorella tablets 3 times a day. I feel like I did when I was in my 20's. I love feeling energized and young…my family lives across the country from me and I visit once a year. They always ask me why I look like I don't age. I know the secret. I tell everyone but most of them don't move forward in buying it. I live on a small mini farm with 5 acres and 10 sheep, 1 pot bellied pig, ducks and few chickens, 2 cats and 2 dogs. A lot of chores!"

- S. Webster, OR

Sun Chlorella and Sun Eleuthero

M. Martinez"I love Sun Eleuthero! It gives me energy and a sense of calm. I particularly remember when I used to live far away from work and had to sit in traffic for 40-45 minutes on my way home yet I still had the energy to cook dinner and clean my home on a WEEKDAY! And I can definitely attest it helps with stress. My boyfriend and I live together and there was a time when he was laid off from work and unemployed for some time. Financial worries are the worst but I was surprised as to how calm and clear-minded I was, I know it was because of Sun Eleuthero. Taking Sun Chlorella with Sun Eleuthero assures my immune system is well protected. I am proud to have one of the best attendances at work."

- M. Martinez, CA

Sun Eleuthero

"Since taking Sun Eleuthero, mornings are just more relaxed and easier. Even after a couple months, it's just still easygoing."

- E. Kangail, CA

Sun Eleuthero

J. Lett-Stovall"I absolutely love your product called Sun Eleuthero. I was feeling extremely tired and sluggish and had no energy whatsoever. So I decided to try it. I am a woman in her forties that works a fulltime job Monday through Friday. And I'm very active with my church duties on the weekends. Much to my dismay, I could barely pull myself out of bed lately. But, after taking the Sun Eleuthero I now feel "FANTABULOUS". I feel great naturally. No jitters, and I make it through my day without feeling tired. I don't yell at my children as much, and I'm back in the gym 3 times a week after work. I wish that I'd learned about the Sun Eleuthero 20 years ago. Thank you so much Sun Chlorella USA. Your product is truly Heaven-sent."

- J. Lett-Stovall , CA

Sun Chlorella and Rejuv-A-Wafers

M. Nichols"My two cats have more energy. I have increased endurance and better digestion. And so do my two cats. Thanks to Sun Chlorella and REJUV-A-WAFERS."

- M. Nichols, Alberta


"[Roxy] has been kind of tired and draggy this last little while. Going for walks was not something she was enjoying, and she seemed to lay around more than usual. Since she has been eating REJUV-A-WAFERS™ she has been enjoying our walks more, and she definitely has more energy. In fact, the last few mornings she has raced around the house, and attacked her favorite toy, all before breakfast."

- A. and M. Hone, WY

Sun Chlorella and Rejuv-A-Wafers

“Thanks to chlorella, our animals are probably going to live longer than any animals out there – It’s so exciting!”

- E. Weiner, CA

Sun Chlorella and Sun Wakasa Gold Plus

L. Levene"I first used Sun Chlorella. Then I began using Sun Wakasa Gold Plus. I want to say "Thank you". I feel more energetic and am able to be more active & productive for an 82 year old. I feel wonderful!!"

- L. Levene, FL

Have you witnessed Sun Chlorella’s help firsthand? Let us know! We love hearing customers’ success stories and to see how our products are helping the world live and feel better. Drop us a note so we can share your story.