Natural Energy Supplements

Natural energy supplements fight fatigue to keep energy levels high. Sun Chlorella’s natural energy supplements use organic Sun Eleuthero, which is an adaptogenic herb that can give your body the gift of a natural energy boost—something that can be hard to come by in today’s tiring and fast-paced world. This powerful plant can also decrease stress because of its adaptogenic properties. [1] These nontoxic substances reinforce the body’s ability to positively react to stress.

Get the benefits of Sun Eleuthero in four helpful products: Organic Sun Eleuthero tablets, Infuse-Your-Mood-Herbal tea, Sun Eleuthero extract, and Well Well Wow!.

The easy-to-take tablets are certified organic and non-GMO. Nix those jitters and sleepless nights that can be so disruptive and troublesome. Additionally, these tiny warriors can help your body battle stress efficiently and effectively.

Infuse-Your-Mood tea is like a warm, cozy blanket that wraps your body in natural energy with every sip. It supports memory, focus and mental speed along with protecting your body from the wear and tear stress can inflict upon it.

Sun Eleuthero Extract is a potent mix that combines Eleuthero extract, bee propolis and chlorella to revitalize the body and imbue upon it nourishing energy. It supports your heart, brain and immune system plus fights muscle fatigue and builds endurance.

Well Well Wow! is a powerful product that combines chlorella and eleuthero for a nutrient-packed supplement drink. It has the benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor while also possibly minimizing the damaging effects stress has on the body because of the adaptogenic properties.

[1] Yance D. Adaptogens In Medical Herbalism. Healing Arts Press, 2013. p. 73.