Chlorella Growth Factor

Chlorella Growth Factor Rejuvenates Your Body

Deep in each chlorella cell is a unique complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This special property may be the major factor behind why chlorella has survived for 540 million years and the reason why chlorella brings so much vitality to your body.

Chlorella grows and reproduces at an astounding rate. Every 20 to 24 hours, it quadruples its numbers. CGF seems to b e crucial to this fast regeneration. Researchers have determined CGF is produced when chlorella undergoes the intense photosynthesis for this rapid growth. Preliminary research suggests the powers of CGF don’t stop with chlorella; this same ability to regenerate quickly thanks to CGF can be transferred to your body when you eat chlorella. All cells need materials in order to reproduce, chief among them blueprints that give the cells detailed instructions. In your cells, these blueprints are made of nucleic acids. If your cells don’t have these important blueprints, the instructions can be mistranslated. This can lead to problems in cell reproduction and tissue repair down the line.

CGF provides your body with nucleic acids. A good supply of these special blueprint materials can save your body a lot of work. That’s because foods rich in nucleic acids have cell-protective properties to help support overall health and well-being; the body can absorb and use nucleic acid components directly. This saves energy that would normally be used in synthesizing them. When you have enough of the nucleic acids that make up DNA and RNA, you protect your own cellular nucleic acids, and your cells can function efficiently.

CGF also includes special polysaccharides known as beta glucans. Research indicates these special substances may play a particular role in immune system health. While the identity and effects of these special compounds are still being clarified, studies have already indicated that chlorella's beta glucans can keep your immune system in peak condition and help renew your cells integrity.

Where You Can Find CGF

Every form of chlorella supplement contains this special complex. Made from milled whole chlorella cells, our chlorella tablets and chlorella granules give you CGF along with the rest of

chlorella's special nutrition. But some people like having a more concentrated dose of this nucleic acid rich complex. Many natural health experts recommend combining whole chlorella with concentrated CGF in their wellness plans.

For this reason, we've created two flavors of concentrated CGF – our Sun Wakasa products. These specially concentrated products give you only the contents of the nucleus of each chlorella cell.

You can also find CGF combined with stress-relieving, energizing eleuthero in our Sun Eleuthero Extract.

If you have pets, you can share the revitalizing effects of CGF with them. It's in our special pet supplement, Rejuv-A-Wafers.

For special skin nourishment and rejuvenation, you can get CGF in our Sun Chlorella Cream.